Isolation of ribcage including cartilage.

Hi all. So I will get straight the point. I am a novice and “stumble” across this software as away to demonstrate a damage rib cage following a MVA.

The person has a very obvious asymmetry now in his ribcage with a rib “flare”. The CT scan was just read in ER has “nondisplaced rib fracture of 7th and 8th on the right”.

This person had significant swelling after accident all along the side and had most of his pain in ER actually more towards the front around the cartilage. He was so tender that the attending US the area again I assume checking organs again but I suspect it was damage to the cartilagious part of his rib cage.

I’ve spent numerous hours learning but now I am wondering if someone would be willing to just do this? I am sure it would take someone who knows what they are doing not long at all. I am willing to pay.

And/or does anyone know of an online service that will do this? I believe he did have an MRI of his lumber spine several months after the MVA which may or may not be helpful.