Isotropic Volume with B-Spline Interpolation


I am trying to understand what is exactly happening when I use the crop volume function with the isotropic spacing and B-spline interpolation flags on. This is mostly for a discussion section on a publication and my own sanity :sweat_smile:

The isotropic spacing is ensuring that the shape of the voxels of the new volume are almost identical in size (say +/- 5-10%). And, in the directions in which the difference is greater than a set limit, say this 5-10%, a B-Spline interpolation is used to approximate the voxels in between???

Is this correct? :sweat_smile: close?

If you set ā€œisotropic spacingā€ then the voxel spacing of the output volume will be exactly the same along all 3 axes. B-spline interpolation is used to get voxel values of the new volume.