Issue about Aruco tracker

Does anybody have experience in the Aruco tracker?

I have tried to use the Aruco tracker by following this link.

I generate the tracker successfully, but the moving range is very limited and it cannot move close to my model.

Did anyone face a similar problem before? If yes, would you mind telling me that how to fix this problem?
Thank you.

Since I am using the iPad to be the webcam, is it able to solve this issue by using NDI product for tracking?

Thank you

what about depth Camera(binocular camera)?

Is it similar to this camera?

Did you face similar problem before and fix it by using this camera?

Since I have changed to use MacBook webcam and smaller size aruco tracker, moving range seems better, but I still need to move very close to the camera which is not useful for real applications.

Does this problem occur to the view angle of the camera? If I need to buy a new webcam, which is view angle of camera that you would like to suggest to buy?

Thank you

We do have worked with aruco markers , in neuro navigation.
To get some precision with them, first your image must be good enough. a common web cam , also a the Logitech Brio 4k is not good
We choose to use a Sony a 6300 no-mirror camera. it has a resolution of 4k. but it takes some time on the loop. The resolution was dawngrade to 2 k (1920 x 1080)
The image quality, with good ilumination was excelent and the library works fine with these images.

We had to use filters: low-pass, butterworth, or kalman to cutt off higher frecuencies (noise) to retain that movement was significant to locate an object

but there was a problem with the rotation vectors that the library gives. it has some-inherent-noise and error to give the proper results