Issue on auto-crop multiplanar image

Operating system: windows 10
Slicer version: 4.11.20210226 r29738 / 7a593c8
Issue: when I uploaded CT scan images, it should show full images of axial, coronal and sagittal (as attached below).

But some images appeared cropped immediately after I uploaded the images (as attached below). May I know why this happened and how to fix this issue?

Thank you.

For some reason, your CT scanner assigned different acquisition numbers to groups of slices. You may be able to adjust the settings on your scanner to avoid this. Alternatively, you can force loading the entire series as one volume by clicking the “Advanced” checkbox in the DICOM browser, clicking “Examine”, then in the loadable list select the item that is not split by acquisitionNumber.

Please also try the current Slicer version. A lot of improvements/fixes have been implemented since Slicer-4.11, including in the DICOM browser.