It's time to create Project Pages for PW39 ! New tools available!

We are excited to announce the new procedures for the Project Week website that will streamline the generation of Project Pages for attendees!

Now, using the Project Week GitHub Issue page, you have three options to create your Project Page:

  1. Create a Proposal issue: If you have an idea for a project page but are not quite ready to create it yet, you can create a “Proposal” issue.
  2. Create a Project issue: If you are ready to create your page, you can simply create a “Project” issue. This issue will allow you to fill out a convenient form to provide the necessary details.
  3. Create the project page yourself using the template: If you prefer to create the Project Page yourself, you can still do so by using the provided template and submitting a pull request.

We hope these new procedures will help you to maximize your participation in the Project Week.

Next: After creating a Project issue, we are working on automatically generating a pull request for you, enabling easy review.

Big thanks to @jcfr for developing the new workflow!

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