Don't forget to create your PW 39 pages!

If you are attending PW 39, in person or remote, please don’t forget to get started on your project page!

Project Creation Tips

  • Get your project pages created early! The day before is best to make sure everything you need for you presentation is available. The Project Week site will be closed to edits for the 10 minutes before both the opening and closing presentation session to ensure site generation. After this 10 minute period edits will be re-enabled.

  • If you are creating the project page yourself using the template, don’t reuse a project page template from a previous year. We have made significant updates to the template to support auto-generation of project pages, so previous years’ templates will not function properly.

  • Remember to fill out the title for your project when using the project creation issue

  • Check the formatting on the Key Investigators list when creating a project issue (this is critical for page generation):

    - Firstname Lastname (Affiliation, Country)