Joint Smoothing for only Selected segments

Hello dear friends,
Is it possible to conduct “Joint smoothing” for only “selected segments” e.g. spleen only, from the Total Segmentator module?

Yes, you could make the ones invisibly that you do not have to smooth. Only visible segments undergo the process.

Sir, I feel that the amount of time it takes to “Joint smooth” the whole segments and the “only visible segments” is not significantly different. Could it be because I am running the module in CPU mode? Thank you.

In my test just now with Slicer 5.2.2 smoothing 3 visible segments only takes less time than all 15 segments.

Sir, I tried rerunning the joint smoothing, which took less time. My mistake was that I did not check the “Apply to visible segments” box. Thank you very much, Sir.

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