Label Map to Model-Export issue

Goodafternoon from Montpellier, gentlemen,

I downloaded a dicom from Open anatomy (the one about the inner ear) saved it and opened it on my computer. The temporal bone model (it contains a bunch of models) is a bit rough/fat sothat I made a new ‘Structure’ (or is it a ‘Labelmap’?) through the ‘Editor’ module with the ‘Treshold’ tool and applied it.

As I would like to export an .stl from it, I chose the ‘MakeModelEffect’ tool and applied it but do not find any new model; I can only show the result of my ‘Ear-CT-bone-label’ in the ‘Volume Rendering’ module.

When I look within the ‘Surface Model’>‘Model Maker’ module an error message tells me that:
ERROR: cannot open input volume file C:/Users/GAUTHI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/Slicer/DIGEI_vtkMRMLLabelMapVolumeNodeE.nrrd

It is weird since the dicom is not saved in this folder, and that there is no ‘Slicer’ folder within C:/Users/GAUTHI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/

Thank you if you can help me with this one.


3D Slicer does not work with special characters in the path.try to put software and data in a location without the ~ character in the path.
I would recommend to use the segment editor, not the older interactive editor. There are tutorials on how to perform segmentations and output .stl files.



Thank you so much; I will do that. (I was wondering why there were two similar modules but followed an old tutorial).

The problem has been resolved through a change within
‘Welcome to 3D Slicer’ >‘Customise 3D slicer’>Modules>Temporary directory.
It was pointing to a protected(unwritable) folder.

There was also a change to do in
‘Welcome to 3D Slicer’ >‘Customise 3D slicer’>Cache>Cache size has been raised to 2000Mb
and CacheFreeBuffer lowered to 10Mb.