Label Selection

Hi everyone,

in Slicer 4.6.2 I can not find Fiber bundle label select in the Module-list. Since I want to do tractography between two labels or a label and a model I wanted to ask how I know the number of the label I want to use? (to type in in when Using Tractography ROI Selection in “inclusion labels”) So far I wasn’t able to visualize fibers between two labels that are not in drawn in the same MRI-image.


Operating system: MacOs Sierra 10.12.5
Slicer version: 4.6.2

Please use the Slicer nightly build, and install SlicerDMRI:

Also, I should add (thanks @ljod), that the module can be found as below after SlicerDMRI is installed:

Thanks Isaiah!

I wasn’t aware that Tractography ROI Selection is the same as Fiber bundle label select…
Now I am still not sure which numbers to give the software (in “inclusion labels”) to be sure that it takes the labels I want it to track in between - it is a number refering to a certain labelmap, not an amount of labels, right? And does it only work with labelmaps or also with models?

Sorry for the many questions!


It’s referring to the highlighted value in the given labelmap.

Only labelmaps, but you can create one from a model with “Model to Label Map” module.

Hi Isaiah,

sorry, I still don’t understand where to find the number or given value of a labelmap. I thought it to be the number behind the “node_ _” when opening the node inspector because I can’t find any highlighted value.

What I would like to do is to extract trackts from a whole brain tractography through a model or labelmap I created using module Tractography ROI selection. But whatever number I try, no fiber is being tracked.

Also what confuses me - the “selection region label map” is the labelmap I would like to track through, no? Why do I still have to select inclusion labels?

And my last question concerns the “model to labelmap” module: This won’t work with the model I created. In the Slicer module explanation I read it would only work for surface models, may this be the reason?