UFK Tractography - Fiber Bundle Selection

I have to extract several fiber bundles by Multiple-Manual ROI Labeling.

What I am doing after having converted the DICOMs into NRRD is to

  1. create a brain mask
  2. create a whole-brain UKF tractography using as input label map the brain mask
  3. in the editor module I draw with different colors my ROIs.
  4. under - UKF Tract - Tract ROI Selection I use as label map the one created in the editor module (step 3), and I use the whole brain tractography created at step 2 as input fiber bundle. I then indicate the inclusion labels separated by a comma

The output gives me again the whole brain fibers and not only the tracts I drew in step 3. Is it because I should add exclusion labels?

(I instead get the tracts I want to extract correctly if I do the same process by creating a whole-brain-tractography from the Tract Seeding module and then do the same step in UKF ROI selection. But I would like to start from the UFK whole brain to have a two-tensor).

Thank you in advance for the help