Lag when recording long sequences

Hi all,

I am currently using the Sequences module to record the transforms of tracked instruments. I have 7 instruments (transforms updated via PLUS/OpenIGTLink connector). At the beginning, everything works well but after a few minutes of recording, there is a significant lag which affects the quality of the recording. When I stop the recording, the lag disappears and everything goes back to normal.

I want to record 5-10 min of tracking (3000+ frames). I noticed when I hide the Sequences module, the lag is slightly reduced (and usually starts later in the recording). I first thought it has to do with too many Qt widgets being created inside the QTableWidget under “Edit” tab. But it keeps happening even when it is hidden.

I am using Slicer 4.11, Windows 10, 32 Gb of memory.

Has anyone tried to record a long sequence in Slicer? Is there a workaround to avoid the lag?
I tried Slicer 5.2 and I have the same issue, I’d prefer using Slicer 4.11 for compatibility with python 3.6 and other libraries I am using.