Sequence recording shifting while scrolling through 2D slices

Hello 3D Slicer users,

I am using the sequence browser, trying to record a slice scrolling through a head CT volume as you can see in the following screenshot:

Red viewer: An axial reformatted CT with an overlayed segmentation.
Yellow viewer: The same reformatted CT without the segmentation.

During the recording all views (Red, Yellow, 3D) are linked and synchronized. But during the playback the Red and Yellow views seem to be out of sync with a shift of one slice in the Yellow viewer as you can see in the next screenshot.

This shifting is more clearly manifested in the following video:

At 00:45 recording with sequence browser
At 01:20 the playback where the shifting is observed.

Do you know why such shifting takes place and how it could be avoided?

Thank you

Slice link only synchronizes slice views when the interaction is finished, so recording may capture transient events. Enable hot-link by long-clicking on the “Link/unlink the slice controls” button to force strong synchronization of views.

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