Latest build - VTKv9 step requires git-lfs

It looks like the changes for VTKv9 require git-lfs to be installed (from HomeBrew on mac, at least).

I can update the build docs to note this if this is a permanent change? Let me know.



Hi Hollister,

I will look into removing this dependency. Or see if it can be optional.


Hi guys,

I am getting the following error while building Slicer on MacOS even though I installed git-lfs from brew.

HEAD is now at 0f8cf0373d... Merge topic 'clipping_plane_uniform'
Submodule 'VTK-m' ( registered for path 'ThirdParty/vtkm/vtk-m'
Cloning into '/Users/christian/sources/cpp/Slicer/cmake-build-debug/VTKv9/ThirdParty/vtkm/vtk-m'...
git-lfs filter-process: git-lfs: command not found
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
Unable to checkout '6a908cc9da6076a42d41b9397ad71f56a1f69a70' in submodule path 'ThirdParty/vtkm/vtk-m'
CMake Error at VTKv9-prefix/tmp/VTKv9-gitclone.cmake:93 (message):
Failed to update submodules in:

Any thoughts?

Can you clone the VTK git repository manually?