Line Profile - 2D image


I have been using Dr. Lasso’s Line Profile and it has worked well for a 3D CT volume. However, when analyzing a 2D image, I kept getting a line of zeros. I am wondering if this is because each coordinate of the line/ruler is three-dimensional and there might be a mismatch in the third direction perpendicular to the image plane?

Also, I think Line Profile is a useful tool that should be included in Kitware. Please let me know how I can help with this process!

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There are a few implementations of this module. Did you use the one in the “Sandbox” extension?

VTK has trouble probing a single-slice volume. I’ve asked for advice on the VTK forum.

Yes, I am using the Sandbox extension. I am reading through the vtk forum you linked to. I am a beginning to vtk, so would you mind directing me to the right function to look at/modify if I were to get profiles of individual slices?

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Were you able to find a solution? I am encountering the same problem.

This problem turned out to be caused by a fundamental error in VTK (in how image boundaries are misinterpreted by vtkProbeFilter). I’ve made point probing more robust, which should fix this issue in releases downloaded tomorrow or later.

Hi Andras - I’m using the “Sandbox” extension, if I re-download the extension tomorrow or later it should be okay?

Yes. The extension is updated each night, so you can wait a day and update (or uninstall and install) it. If you don’t want to wait a day then you can modify on your computer manually right now.