Linux 4.10.1 volume rendering crash issue

Trying to open a previously saved mrb, Slicer crashes with this error.

SlicerApp-real[46207]: segfault at 0 ip 00002aab9bc04c4e sp 00007fffffffad30 error 4 in[2aab9bbf9000+15000]

Anyway to understand what’s causing it? This is on Centos 7.2 with slicer 4.10.1

Hi Murat -

Dp you think it’s the file or the machine? Does the same mrb open on a different machine/os? Can you create a new mrb on that machine and reproduce the issue?

It must be the mrb and data it contains. It also crashes on windows or get stuck at 52% if I unpack the contents of the mrb file and load the top level mrml.

We created this scene file, and all other mrbs also created on the same installation of Slicer seems to work fine. Weird.