Linux build issues

That makes sense, it could be the case. I am downloading the Slicer linux build. How can I tell if what you mention is happening?


I am downloading the Slicer linux build

To clarify, no “build” (as in build tree or sdk) is available for download. Only the sources or the pre-built binaries can be downloaded .

That said, you can check if the Qt libraries (dll) that you downloaded (or built) are 32-bit or 64-bit using dumpbin executable

Hi Jean,

dumpbin is exclusive for Windows (?)

I used ldd (as the reported problem is on linux) and this is what I got:

I don’t see any Qt dependency.


@dcantor Apologize for the confusion, It looks like windows release question where asked on the same thread. See Can't build Slicer @ihnorton just split the topic.

Also would it be possible to provide the original context of your question ?