Liver tumor segmentation from ultrasound 3D (GE Voluson machine)


I am new in Slicer 3D. I want to segment a liver tumor from ultrasound 3D examine in .vol format. I tried to do it using Volume Rendering but the 3D model doesn’tt look good. I tried to choose every preset and there was no difference. Do you have any idea what settings I should change/use to make tumor visible?

Due to high noise and low contrast, you can rarely use volume rendering (raycasting) for visualizing ultrasound volumes. Volume rendering works well for visualizing fluid-fill cavities and vessels (this is used extensively for cardiac ultrasound) but for most everything else you need to process or segment the volume to show it in 3D.

For liver ablation/resection guidance using ultrasound, you can segment the liver using one of the rapid segmentation tools in Segment Editor module. I would recommend, Surface cut effect (provided by SegmentEditorExtraEffects extension).

Surface cut is what we use for intra-operative breast tumor segmentation on tracked ultrasound images. The advantage is that you can segment very quickly and you don’t need to use mouse&keyboard but a touchscreen is enough (we just had to develop a custom module that shows just the necessary buttons and make them big so that they can be clicked easily on a tablet):

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