Off line volumetric reconstruction/rendering from ultrasound images

Dear support,
is it possible to perform offline 3d reconstruction of rendering from ultrasound images?

You can use the Slicer IGT volume reconstruction module with recorded sequence data to perform offline reconstruction.

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I installed SlicerIGT, SlicerAIGT and SlicerIGSIO. These modules resulted installed but they are not present in module finder. In addition, I’m having trouble segmenting a region from ultrasound images GE Vivid E95 in 3D Slicer. I have already read the previous post: Issue With 3D TEE from GE Vivid E95 in 3D Slicer. More specifically, considering only the scalar volume file (see screen)

, I cropped the interested region but it is static. If I considered the crop volume sequence module, the input volume sequence, does not recognize the source file as a sequence. The volume rendering option provides this view (see attach
The segmentation performed using threshold method is not good (
Any suggestion on how to perform a good and time-varying segmentation as the original file?

That appears to be a sequence of frames from a cine recording of a rendering made on some other system, not a volumetric dataset. You’ll need to see if you’ve got an actual volume in your study.

Dear @pieper, thanks a lot.
If Slicer produces a volume rendering, the imported file contains information about volume.
Is it correct?

I’m not sure I follow your question exactly, but generally speaking the data acquisition should include a volume, since it appears from your screenshot that the system made a volume rendering and saved out a movie. If you can load the volume data you should be able to make a similar image in slicer but live, so you can adjust the parameters, like rotation and thresholding.