Load 3D ultrasound from Samsung .mvl or DICOM files

hello I am not able to load the dicom files, the three windows all appear in axial … can you help me?

Most likely your files are not 3D volumes, just pictures taken of renderings of volumes. If you share your data sets (or at least the DICOM header of your data sets) then we can give more specific advice.

Hello, could you send me your email to send the documents to you? thanks

You can upload the files somewhere and send the link to me in a private message.

Here are the files! Thank you for the help!

The folder contains DICOM files and proprietary Samsung .mvl files.

The DICOM parser failed to find any DICOM files because an invalid file catalog (DICOMDIR file) was placed in the folder (the DICOMDIR referred to non-existing subfolders). After removing the DICOMDIR file, indexing of the files succeeded and the images showed up in the DICOM browser. Unfortunately, these files are just videos of the 3D rendering, not 3D volumes. These files are not usable for 3D printing.

The .mvl file seem to contain full 3D data, but in a proprietary format. In the past, we successfully loaded volumes from Samsung .mvl files, but these ones are encoded with an unknown image compression or encryption algorithms. Therefore, we don’t know how to load them.

Contact Samsung and try to ask for a converter that create files in any standard file format (DICOM, nrrd, metaimage, etc.); an Image3dAPI-compliant codec, or specification of the file format. It is not very likely that they would provide any of these, but it is important for them to know that their customers need this.

If you find that Samsung does not intend to fulfill your needs then you may choose to go to other manufacturers. For example, GE makes easily available an Image3dAPI-compliant codec, which allows its users to access the 3D ultrasound data.

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thank you for the help we’re clearly very new at this! do you know how to correctly save the DICOM 3D Data in a Samsung machine? could you send us a video ou something like that of how we can correctly save the files?

I asked Samsung representatives at a trade show, about 2 years ago and they told me that they do not allow users to access the 3D image data outside their own software. They did not provide documentation for their proprietary data format and did not offer export of 3D image data to DICOM or any other standard image format.

The situation might have changed since then. Maybe they still do not give you access to 3D image data but maybe at least they can export STL. You need to contact them, let them know what you need, and see what they can offer now. If they still think that it is OK to deny access to your own 3D data then you may tell them that other 3D ultrasound vendors offer this, for example via the open Image3dAPI.