load dicom images generated by dcmtk

Hi, I’m using dcmtk to load dicom images using cmd.
But when I load the image it comes very grayish and opaque, we can´t see anything.
And the original image shows an abdomen.
Any Idea what could be?

(I’m using a tcpsrv file for the server and a tcpprt.exe file to send the image
using this command : tcpprt.exe -c “C:\Users\ASUS\Desktop\DcmPrint\test\tcpprt-1.cfg” -a 1 -t -aet PRINT_SCU “C:\Users\ASUS\Desktop\DcmPrint\test\CT.1.2.392.200036.9116.”)

If you set Window Center (0028,1050) and Window Width (0028,1051) DICOM attributes then the image will be loaded with that brightness/contrast setting. You can always adjust the displayed brightness/contrast of the image as shown here.

I don´t have that elements in my file, the onlything that I have related is the “VOILUT”

Slicer’s scalar volume reader plugin currently does not consider VOI LUT but it should not be too hard for you to add it. The reader is implemented in Python (DICOMScalarVolumePlugin.py, you can find it among installed Slicer files) and you can make the necessary changes around here. If you managed to implement it then a pull request is welcome. We would be also happy to help if you get stuck with something.