load DICOM import

Operating system: windows7
Slicer version: 4.9.0
Expected behavior: DICOM load
Actual behavior:

There is no change after loading the DICOM file.
If you drag the DICOM folder to the Slicer window and click “Load directory into dicom database”, nothing happens.
When I import to DICOM Browser, there is no dicom data information.
The DICOM file I use is probably not a problem.
It is being used in other programs.
I have tried to input and import to try the DICOM Patcher module, but nothing is active in the viewer.
I am also a Korean student. So I can not use English programs well.
So it is difficult to do self-study.
Please help me.

please take a look at


Also be sure that all the directories have English characters only (sometimes characters from other languages can confuse the parsing).