Loaded tiff file looks too bright/oversaturated

Hi Everyone,

Probably a silly question, but I am struggling to open my CLSM images.

I couldn’t open my original file (.lsm) so I converted the stack to images using imagej (save as --> Image sequence), but something weird happens. I have two stacks - each for each channel/color, when I open one of them in Slicer it looks just fine, but the other one looks completely wrong. However, when I open the problematic one in ImageJ or even in the Windows Photo viewer it looks just fine.
The image in Slicer looks over saturated to the point that it barely matches the original. Anyone has encountered this problem before? I am attaching a picture for better understanding of the problem.

Thanks in advance!

Ddid you try adjusting the window/level using the left mouse button (or the volumes module)?


I had the same issue with some .tiff files. I switched my LUT from green to grey in ImageJ and it solved the problem.