Loading DICOM data failed

Hello guys,
after months of trouble-free use of Slicer3D 4.10.2 (Win10 Pro), I was surprised by error message this morning. I tried to load DICOM data (CT and MR) as usual and loading failed. You can see the error message in the screenshot.
Do you have any idea how to solve it? Thank you very much.
Best regards from the heart of Europe. Kuba.

Does it happen with all data sets that you are trying to load or only with certain ones?

How much disk space do you have on the drive where the Slicer DICOM database is located?

You may fix this by choosing a new empty folder for database location. You may also try the latest Slicer Preview Release, which has a greatly improved DICOM browser.

Thank you, Andras.
The problem was that my allocated disk space was full.
Have a nice day. Kuba.

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