loading failed: Unable to allocate 113 GiB

I use the Image Stacks module, and a Slicer error window pops up. The content is “loading failed: Unable to allocate 113 GiB for an array with shape (206,19200,30720) and data type uint8”. I would like to ask the seniors if there is a suitable solution. I’m trying to find the settings for importing images, hoping to use an ssd to process the images instead. Thanks!

That means you don’t have enough memory. See the docs for info on reducing the size:

If you really need to operate at the full volume you’ll need to find a bigger computer (5x or more memory than the size of the volume). One option is to rent a big memory cloud VM.

Based on the numbers you reported, you have more than 30,000 slices! The other dimensions are also very awkward 206x19200.

What is this dataset of? Given the number of slices, I would suggest using the skip slice option ImageStacks, and perhaps use every other or every third slice. But again, dimensions are very unusual…