Loading matrix data structure

Hello slicer community,

I would like to load a matrix data structure (json and csv file) into Slicer.

Is it possible to define our own slicer node type?

Thank you,

Yes, you can make custom node types in C++, but maybe you want to use a Table Node?


If that’s not what you need please provide more details on your use case.

Thank you for your answer.

I can work with the table Node to represent connections, but in order to associate rows with metadata (such as: names, location in atlas and hierarchy) I would like to load this through a json file.

I looked at the Terminology Module, but this didn’t seem to work.
Is it possible to customize the terminology Node?

You can create custom terminologies. You can start from the current terminology files and create yours and add it in the terminology selector widget:

Are you aware of Open Anatomy effort? Atlas import/export/authoring tools are being developed in Slicer (see extension and this week’s Open Anatomy discussions).