Loading merged series


I’m trying to load merged series DICOM images, i.e. arterial and venous phase are saved as the same Series ID and thus read by 3D Slicer as a single serie. It’s being loaded layer by layer from each acquisition:

At loading, I get the error message:

2: Unnamed Series [Scalar Volume]: Images are not equally spaced (a difference of -2.5 vs 5 in spacings was detected). If loaded image appears distorted, enable ‘Acquisition geometry regularization’ in Application settings / DICOM / DICOMScalarVolumePlugin. Please use caution.

I tried loading from both DICOM Browser and drag&drop files and enabling “Allow loading subseries by time”, unfortunately with no luck.

This is an anonymized serie I’m having trouble loading: https://we.tl/t-1qA1eZznEF

Is there a way to load this as two separate series? If not, maybe you have any clues on how to process it based on some DICOM headers?

Thanks for your help!

All acquisitions are lumped into a single image series. Acquisition Number tag can be used to split them but it was not added to the list of supported subseries tags in DICOM scalar volume importer.

I’ve submitted a pull request that adds this tag. It works well, it allows loading this series as two separate volumes.

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Thank you so much! I will be watching for the update in next builds