Import DICOM multiple AcquisitionNumber instead of one series

Operating system: MacOS
Slicer version: 5,2,2
Expected behavior: One continuous series
Actual behavior: 10 series of 4 slices each

Unlike post Problems during Dicom import the ImageOrientationPatient is the same.

Problem looks like this:

So when I load them this happens:

Files were acquired elsewhere, pseudonymized, zipped and transferred using BOX
I never encountered this problem with my locally acquired datasets, but the problem is persistent with this transferred dataset.

If I import them in another DICOM viewer (Horos in my case), there is no problem loading them as one series.
Of course it could be a transfer problem, but is there a way to make them usable again in 3D slicer for lesion segmentation?

Maybe this image was sequential (scan-move-scan) acquisition from decades ago? By default each image acquisitions is reconstructed into a separate volume, but you can probably choose load it as one volume if you enable “Advanced” option in the DICOM browser.

Thank you, this worked:

If I only load the last one it works fine.

It’s a scan from 2011.

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