Locking scroll across slicer windows - to scroll on multiple scans concurrently

Hi community.

I have tried to search the forum but couldn’t find an answer for this.

I have several axial (transversal) MRI scans of the same subject. I load the different scans (DICOM/NIFTI) in separate windows but I can’t figure out how to scroll on them concurrently. I.e. all scans in each window move at the same time when I scroll.

This would be a super super useful feature.

If this doesn’t already exists, can somebody point me in the right direction to implement it if possible (I can code in Python, but never played with 3D slicer)

/ AP

This feature is called view link. You can activate it by clicking on the view link button in the slice view controller. Scroll position is synchronized across all views that have the same orientation, so all you need to do is to enable view link and set a common orientation (e.g., axial).

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Thank you for the swift response Andras. It seems this doesn’t work if I have selected “rotate volume to plane” for my scans.

Is this expected behaviour?

Yes, that’s expected if they don’t have the same reformat orientation.

Another option would be to have them all in their ‘volume plane’ orientation and them have one view as a sagittal or coronal and then use the shift-mouse move to scroll through all the other views.

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To set the same orientation for all the views in the same view group, change the view orientation (e.g., choose axial, sagittal, coronal) of any slice view after linking the slice views.

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Wow, that actually works great.

Thanks Andras and Steve.