"Locking" the slider for a slice

Is there a way to restrict which slices the user can view? For example, configure the red slice’s slider (lock it in place) so that the user cannot view anything other than the center axial slice of the image. If so, what is the syntax for this configuration, and also for undoing this configuration so that the user can once again view all axial slices?

Yes, you can disable all kinds of interactions (slice browsing, zooming, rotating, blending, setting crosshair position, etc.):

See example here: https://www.slicer.org/wiki/Documentation/Nightly/ScriptRepository#Disable_certain_user_interactions_in_slice_views

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Thanks, I got the result I wanted by using the syntax in link at the bottom of your post to prevent mouse scrolling through slices and removing slider from view.

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