Can we rotate the slice in single model like in MITK

Can we rotate the slice in single model like in MITK。

Anyway including python scripts, will be helpful !

There is not an interaction like that with interactive slice intersections, but you can try the “Reformat” widget which has controls to change the rotation of selected slice views from the module panel.


Slice view intersection rotation using Ctrl+Alt+Left-click-and-drag was implemented a few years ago. (0:00-0:09 in the video)

Interactive slice intersection feature was added more recently, maybe half year ago. There are still some glitches, so we haven’t advertised the feature much. (0:09-0:18 in the video)

Do you miss the ability to rotate a single slice view?

In that case you can temporarily change the “view group” of a slice view in “View Controllers” module:

What is your clinical use case?

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The development reported in Interactive slice intersections seems to be close to what you want, including rotations. I hope it helps.