Log window cannot be hidden in enviroments with no windows manager

Hi all,

the log messages widget is a separate window respect the main one of 3DSlicer.

This is not optimal when Slicer is in an enviroment with no windows manager (e.g. Slicer running in a docker with vnc). For example, once the “show log” button in the bottom-right corner is clicked, it is not possible to hide the application log window anymore. Also it can’t be moved etc…

It would be great if this can be changed in Slicer core.

The idea would be to make the logging window a dockable widget (and make the show button toggle) - exactly the same way as the Python console.

Before doing it and opening a PR, I would like to hear your feedback.


Sounds reasonable to me.


In general, the issue affects non-modal windows like the application log window, but not other modal windows like the Add Data Dialog?

While the issue is present for every separate window/dialog, the most incovenient is just the application log window. Dialogs have always a “close” button inside the window (ok, load, etc…) and generally the user does not need to move the dialog window, since it is a prompt to the user for an immediate action to do.

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