Customize the Main Window

Is there a way to delete the effects case since I only need 4 of the buttons that I already made myself:
I’ve already been able to delete the 3d slicer logo using: slicer.util.findChild(slicer.util.mainWindow(), ‘LogoLabel’).visible = False


Yes, you can do it like this:

segmentEditorWidget.unorderedEffectsVisible = False
segmentEditorWidget.setEffectNameOrder(['Paint', 'Draw', 'Erase', 'Smoothing'])

Thanks a lot for responding that quick!
In the future I might want the main window to not have the help&Acknowledgment, Data Probe and Masking visible as well in order to make a very clear user’s interface. Is it possible?

We call these kinds of customized Slicer applications Slicelets:

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I have been reading about these and it seems that can be a good alternative for my needs but I did not really understand how to make one, where to start, what’s needed. That is why I chose Jupyter Notebook book at first and also the fact that it can be accessible from any computer.

The Slicelet page contains an example that you can change according to your needs:

You can also create a Slicer custom application if you want something more complex:

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Thank you !
I’m going to try launching the quick segment example to see how it looks

Hello everyone,

I’ve managed to remove “Data Probe” from the main window using:

But I have issue trying to remove help&Acknowledgment:

And delete some of the module choices (example: to only keep segmentation, segment editor, models and data visible in this column:

Big thanks in advance your help has been very precious to me,


You can hide parts of the GUI using helper functions in slicer.util:

# Hide data probe
# hide Help & Acknowledgement section

To restrict what modules the user can select, you can hide the “Module selection” toolbar and set the modules you want to offer as “Favorite modules” in application settings (Modules/FavoriteModules).

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