Lung lobe segmentation using 3D slicer

How can I get lung lobe segmentation (into RUL, RML, RLL, LUL and LLL) given a CT volume ? Which is the best method in slicer ? Please let me know.

I want something like this:

I have tried interactive lobe segmentation but it didn’t work.

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You can use the Lung CT Segmenter, part of Lung CT Analyzer extension, where the TotalSegmentator AI call is implemented for the lobes.

Great answers already.

You could also use the whole-body CT segmentation model available for MONAI Label: model-zoo/models/wholeBody_ct_segmentation at dev · Project-MONAI/model-zoo · GitHub

Here are more instructions for using the MONAI Bundle: MONAILabel/sample-apps/monaibundle at main · Project-MONAI/MONAILabel · GitHub

If needed, you could fine-tune the model to your dataset.

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