Lung tumour segmentation

Hi, for complex lung tumours, other than grow from seeds and fill between slices etc, is there an extension that can annotate a lung tumours? I have found completing this via GfS as not very accurate - imaging dataset is routine but I was hoping there is an extension whereby it would assist in segmenting the tumour only

Hi, there is no specialized extension for advanced lung tumor segmentation yet.
Try the “Surface Cut” Segment Editor effect and settings like this (Slicer 4.13):

You would place your markups around the complex tumor in the healthy lung tissue and along the chest wall, if the tumor is adjacent, press “Apply” and get a reasonable/good result (can´t show the segmentation result for privacy reasons).

Thank you for your suggestion, however, for complex tumours where the tumour can be impeding into the aorta and adjacent areas, the process is particularly slow. I have tried nvidia ai assisted ct lung covid 19 to see if this offers a solution but it does not work, even the lung ct segmenter cuptures the lung well but not the tumour, maybe I can work out if I can integrate lung ct segmenter and see if i can find a way to threshold the tumour after this. I will try. Thanks

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I am planning to integrate lung lesion segmentation into the Lung CT Segmenter later this year. If you identify a good workflow please let me know.

@ni5h If you can share an anonymized data set (upload somewhere and post the link) then we can help developing a quick and accurate segmentation workflow for it.