LungCTSegmenter error:Failed to start segmentation

Hello, I am a novice user of 3D Slicer and trying to use version 5.1.0 of the software in windows 11.For a CT that I am looking at, I could not get segmentation done.

It shows error message:Failed to start segmentation: ‘vtkSlicerSegmentationsModuleMRML.vtkMRMLSegmentEdi’ object has no attribute ‘SetMasterVolumeIntensityMask’.When I click the OK button on the message,I can place the control points successfully but nothing happens.What may be the reason?

There was a regression in Slicer-5.1 Preview Releases for a few days that have been fixed. Please use the latest Slicer Stable Release or the latest Slicer Preview Release.

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Thank you! But when I use the latest Slicer Preview Release(slicer-5.1-7-8),I can’t find the "LungCTSegmenter " button in the "chest imaging platform(CIP) "as the slicer-5.1-7-6. What should I do to solve this problem.

Have you installed the LungCTAnalyzer extension?

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have successed to use the LungCTSegmenter! Sorry to not reply immediately.