Mac OS And AI segmentation with CIP:

Operating system:Mac os Ventura 24Giga RAM *radeon Pro 5300 4 giga
Slicer version:5.2.2
Expected behavior: AI lung segmentation.
Actual behavior: does not work, with messages Error Pytorch CUDA not found ( OK because is a mac oS) and failed to compute results :Errno2 : no such file or directory.
torch, torchvision, torchaudio installed as recommended on Pytorch site
Pip3 -all installed with recent versions.
How to do?
second question: With high lung densities corresponding to not aerated areas, the segmentation don’t take into account these areas and lung volumes don’t fit with well so I use segment editor to complete the segmentation but it’s time consuming.
Do you have a other way, best setting (we dont not set the higher density thresold up to 0).
Thank you for your help.

Could you also start all over again fresh installation, please?

See here for a description.

We will deal with the second question later.