Maintenance of planned on Thursday April 18th from 2 to 3pm EDT

Download and upload of Slicer extensions will be unavailable on on Thursday April 18th (tomorrow) from 2 to 3pm EDT.

The operating system associated with the server will be updated.

For reference, earlier this week, we tried to upgrade the operating system using a snapshot of the system and it worked great.

Thanks for your patience,

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Maintenance of the server is on-going, extensions upload/download as well as sample data download are not expected to work during that time.

The upgrade is now complete and the server is expected to be working. Please, report any issues.

To follow up, as you may have noticed, some of the packages failed to be uploaded.

The problem has been identified and php settings have been tweaked. We made use the memory_limit, upload_max_filesize and post_max_size were set appropriately.

We will continue monitor the upload and follow up here with updates.


The upload of packages have been failing consistently for the past few days.


Until now, we have been increasing the memory allocated to the PHP process (this was an easy “band-aid” to work around this issue, this approach is not working any more.

Waiting we have resources to finalize the transition to a robust Girder-based package manager infrastructure [1], I will look into patching the slicerpackages and slicerappstore midas plugins so that the upload of nightly packages for Slicer extensions and applications are into different folders each month.

[1] Slicer Extension Manager: User Interface Feedback


You should now expect the regular nightly packages to be available for both Slicer applications and extensions.

Tomorrow dashboard should be able to confirm this.

More details

  • We were able to address what was causing the server to use a lot of memory when uploading packages. It should be fixed by this commit which is now deployed on

  • We addressed remaining errors about:

    • “Invalid date format” when uploading Slicer application packages. This was fixed in Slicer code base applying commits (r28191 and r28190). These commits make sure the dates are now explicitly formatted as “YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM” without any timezone info. Most likely a change in how the new version of mysql server handles dates.

    • missing default value for “development_status” field when uploading extension packages. It was fixed in this commit and was most likely caused by change in sql mode.