Make close (solid) mesh in 3D Slicer

Hello all,

I am working on creating an implant guide with Slicer.

The issue I’m facing is closing an open dental scan mesh, as shown in the picture.


I tried using vtkfillholefilter (surface-toolbox fill holes), but as seen in the image, only some parts were filled, and the rest remained open.

This resulted in an error when converting the model to a segmentation node.


So, my questions are as follows:

  1. Is there an effective way to close the mesh? It’s okay to use a library other than VTK.

  2. If closing the mesh proves challenging, is there a way to avoid errors when converting an open mesh to a segmentation node?

  • I would like to perform all process in Slicer not use other program

I always receive valuable insights here.

Thank you.