Manually Set Up Slicer mrmlSceneChanged signals

Hello everyone!

I have been setting up a Slicer extensions that will create a number of inputs based on conditions in the scene, but I want to make sure that my qMRMLNodeComboBox is still recieving the scene change signals from the parent widget, what would be the best way to go about doing this?

My code right now looks something like this:

# Load widget from .ui file (created by Qt Designer).
        self.initialUiWidget = slicer.util.loadUI(
        self.ui = slicer.util.childWidgetVariables(self.initialUiWidget)

        # Set up Model Inputs
        ModelTabLayout = self.ui.ModelTab.layout()
        added = 2
        for key in self.InputModels:
            widget = slicer.util.loadUI(self.resourcePath("UI/InputSelector.ui"))
            widget.ModelLabel.text = key
            ModelTabLayout.addWidget(widget, added, 0)
            # I want to add the connection to the scene change here ideally
            added += 1

        # Set scene in MRML widgets.


What you do looks good. You can call setMRMLScene on the parent widget or on individual qMRMLNodeCombobox widgets anytime. If you set the same scene again it will not cause any problem (it will be just ignored).