March 21, 2018: Nightly build manually re-triggered after fixing regression due to AtlasCreatorLogic removal

Since AtlasCreator logic was promptly removed in r27088 (STYLE: Remove unused AtlasCreator loadable module logic) but it was still needed by EMSegment:

  • AtlasCreator logic was directly added to the EMSegment module (see r17153)
  • Slicer EMSegment remote module was updated to reference the new version of EMSegment: r27090
  • build on the factory were manually re-triggered to not clean the build directory and use the new version of Slicer
  • existing macOS and Windows entries were manually removed

For these reasons, the dashboard will not show anything in the “Update” column.

CDash entries prior to the re-trigger:


CDash entries after the removing old entries, and manually triggering the build: