Mark up constraints

Could someone please help me to write a script to keep the distance between markups fixed, please. When I add markups on my images I want them to have the same distance between some of them when I move from frame to frame in my transform sequence.

Basically, I add mak ups and transform them with my transform sequence, I d like to have their distances between each other fixed.
I have no software developing background. Could I do this with a python script pls. Are there anything already written so I can use.



You can transform the markups, harden the transform, then resample the points along the curve to be equally spaced. If you have a curve node named C and want control points to be at 3mm from each other then you need to type this to the Python console: getNode('C').ResampleCurveWorld(3.0). Recent Slicer preview version (4.11.x) is required.

Thanks a lot Prof.lasso @lassoan
I will try this