Markup subject/folder disappears after toggling visibility in data module

The following steps seem to produce unexpected behavior.

  1. In Markups module “Node” table, right click and choose either “Create new subject” or “Create new folder”.
  2. In Data module, locate newly created subject/folder and modify visibility or color.
  3. Return to Markups module and observe that the newly created subject/folder is no longer available.

Is it actually expected? Are markup folders not supposed to be modified via the Data module?

Edit: if a markup is subsequently made a child of the subject/folder via the Data module, then the folder/subject appears as expected in the Markups module.

Yes this is a topic currently being tracked in the Slicer issues tracker:

Please see the first comment made in that GitHub issue which has specific details of what is going on currently. The issue is currently targeted for this next development period, but an estimated date for this issue to be resolved is TBD.

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Thanks for the reference!