Markups Module enhancements

Hello Slicer Developers,

I would like to tackle some improvements to the markups module. This was discussed in the thread:

Before I jump in I would like to see if anyone has been working in this area or has other feedback. The issues I’d like to address first are:
○ Landmarks sticking and sliding on surface
○ One click 3D angle, length measurements from LMs.
○ SA/Volume measurements through segment editor.
○ Read a template for LM names, sequence
○ Fine control for LM placement


Sara, apologies for off-topic, but I can’t see a DM option. Were you at NeuroVista? If so, quite a coincidence to see you here!

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@danagood small hint: click on Sara’s name and there’s a message button :smile:

@smrolfe this is great to hear! I’m sure @lassoan will chime in. It might be time to start a labs page to keep notes.

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Thanks @pieper, I’ve created a new labs page, Improving Markups to start documenting this.

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Great. I made some changes and additions to it as well.

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These are all good features to develop. I don’t think any of these features are implemented.

I have design ideas for some of them, so if you decide to start working on one then start a discussion here (or in a new topic).