Maximum thickness in Baffle Planner module

Hello all,
My maximum thickness in the Baffle Planner module is 10. How can I increase it?


Thanks in advance.

You probably don’t want to increase it much, because if the surface is curved and you make it too thick then you’ll have self-intersections. If the shape that you want to reconstruct is very thick then there better methods to use (e.g., Surface Cut effect and many other tools in Segment Editor module).

Anyway, you can easily change this by locating BafflePlanner.ui file in your Slicer folder and changing 10.0000 in this line to the value that you want to use:

Thank you very much for your response @lassoan. I have the same question about the CreateModels module and I asked this in the forum a few hours ago. Should I do the same thing for increasing the thresholds in that module as well?
I cannot find any files with the name CreateModels.ui for that.
Thanks in advance.

CreateModels module was implemented before Python scripted modules existed. It is implemented in C++, so changing its source code is not an option. If you have any more questions about CreateModels module then then let’s discuss it in the topic that you created for it.

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OK, thank you very much for your explanations @lassoan.