New module: Baffle planner - for designing surface patches

A new module has been added in SlicerHeart extension that can be generally used whenever a smooth surface patch needed that conforms to pre-existing anatomical boundary. By default a “soap-bubble” surface is created for the specified curve but the surface shape can be edited by specifying additional surface points in either slice or 3D views.

The module can generate an infinitely thin open surface, or a closed surface with specified thickness.

The module can also generate a flattened shape, which reproduces the shape and size of the 3D surface patch with a planar shape, with minimal distortion. This is useful as a cutout template for fabric (e.g., dacron mesh).

The module was originally designed for surgical repair of heart walls, but it can be used universally anywhere where a smooth 3D surface needs to be generated that conforms to the patient anatomy. See more information in this paper:

An example of an alternative application is generating bone flap models:


Thank you for this. It is a wonderful tool.

Excellent tool !!

is this tool available right now ? I am working in something where this tool could be very useful. I have downloaded the Slicer-Heart extension in the stable Slicer version and I did not find it.

My mistake, I had the stable version from November. I have installed the March 2021 version and it works. Thanks a lot for this improvement

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Thanks a lot for this new tool, it is very useful and It has saved me a lot of time. After a week using it. I suggest to allow add or delete nodes on any position of the base curve [contour points] and not base on the last node added.

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This is already available: you can right-click on any control points and choose to delete that point.

It would be great if you could write a few sentences and maybe post a nice picture in the Success stories category.

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I have the slicer V4.13 version and can’t find the baffle planner module in the extensions .Help…

Hagop Hovaguimian

See above - the module is in SlicerHeart extension.

Found it. Thanks for the amazingly prompt response, and thank you for this sorely needed module.