Mean radius per branch + plot radius along branch

Dear all,

I am processing a surface model of the LIMA-LAD bypass in VMTK. I managed to split the domain in separate regions using VMTKBranchExtractor and VMTKBranchClipper, as shown in the figure. For each branch I want to compute its length and its mean radius and I would like to plot the radius along the length of each branch. Using VMTKBranchGeometry I can obtain the length of each branch, but I can’t find how to obtain the radius values for each branch separately.

Can someone help me with either using VMTK functions or working with VTK PolyData in obtaining the radius for each branch? I am developing my workflow in Python

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

I have thought about this. The solution I came up with is to divide the volume of the region by the centerline and that would give then average area of the vessel.

steps would be:

  • extract each vessel region
  • close the surface and compute the volume (straight forward for triangular surface mesh)
  • extract the vessel region centerline
  • calculate the length of vessel centerline
  • divide volume by the centerline length and viola average vessel area.

Another thing you could do:
The centerlines already have the radius values so convert the centerlines to a a graph and split the network at the junction locations. then plot each centerline.

Thanks Kurt for your suggestions, interesting approach! I managed to read the VTP-files in Python and get the desired output.