Measure the volume of overlapping part

Slicer 4.10.1/Win10

Hello. I need a help.

I have made a 3D model of bone using thrashold paint function in editor module.
I want to create the cylinder model, and put it into the model of bone I made, and measure the volume of the overlapping part like pedicle screw simulator (

I’ve attempt to insert screws function in pedicle screw simulator module, however, it does not work as I wanted due to I’ve made a other bone model, not spine.

Is there any module which could make 3D cylinder shape over 3d reconstructed bone model or measure the volume of overlapping segment?

It should be possible to make PedicleScrewSimulator work for any kind of bone, maybe with slight modifications.

You can use Segment Editor module’s “Logical operators” effect to create a segment from overlap of two segments. If you have models, create a segmentation node and import the models into it using Segmentations module.

Thank you prof. lassoan. However, my problem is not still solved.

I have modified the PedicleScrewSimulator. And I have succeeded in setting the screw insertion as shown in the attached figure. However, I can not actually measure the grade of screw in the next step (grade step).
This seems to be becaused I used 3d recontructed bone model (.vtk) rather than actual dicom file. However, when define ROI using a DICOM file, the scapula is obscured by humerus, and can not place the correct screw insertion point.
Furthermore, I just want to measure the volume of overlapping part between reconstructed bone model (scapula.vtk which I made) and screw model (which included in PedicleScrewSimulator extension).

Is there a way to measure the volume of overlapping part between .vtk format 3D objects?

You can position the screw model using a transform (you can display a box that you can translate and rotate), import into segmentation node, and use Logical operators effect to get the volume of the screw inside the bone.

Note that the screw grading in PedicleScrewSimulator is more accurate, as it also takes into account the bone density.