Measurements Module

Hi guys, new to Slicer. Trying to figure the way to do a parameter or diameter measurement of a brain tumor. Is it even possible with Slicer?



You can make simple 2D diameter measurements by placing a ruler (

For volumetric measurements, segment the tumor using Segment editor module. You can segment well-visible brain tumors in a few minutes using Grow from seeds effect (you paint inside and outside the tumor in a few slices and Slicer creates a full 3D model automatically). Then, compute volume using Segment statistics volume.

Hi Andras,

Thanks. I think i’m getting it. Managed to get the ruler out but I’m not sure why the interface is always behind the segmentation? Unable to see the measurement
On the other hand, managed to segment out the healthy segment from the fracture frontal bone ( Bone as Value :2 and fragment bone as background 0) but it still appear once we go for render a new model.

The end result is to render out a remodel bone to cover the defect , I’m thinking of using GROW from Seed since there are some fragment which we can use as reference or is there a module like MIRROR Image?



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Ruler is a straight line in 3D. If any other structure is in front of that line, the line will not be visible. You can go to Segmentations module to temporarily hide the 3D representation or make it semi-transparent.

If you want to remove a region from a volume (by filling it with some background value), then use Mask volume effect (install SegmentEditorExtraEffects extension to get it).

You can mirror a node by using Transforms module. Simply create a transform where one of the values in the diagonal is set from the original 1.0 to -1.0. Then apply and harden this transform on the node. After this you have to register the mirrored node to the original image - you can do that by using landmark-based registration, for example Fiducial registration wizard module in SlicerIGT extension.

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