Measuring Tumour Volume with 3DSlicer. How?

I will be using 3D Slicer heavily for my thesis. From a range of CT scans the project will require me for each scan, to (a) determine liver tumour volume in the canine b) determine that as a % of total liver volume c) correlate that with postoperative survival. I will then create 3d photorealistic 3D models to provide vet surgeons with better insight into the spatial relationship of this structure. These 3D models will eventually be integrated into a simple interactive visualization interface allowing for further exploration.

Can anyone explain how I can measure the liver volume in the slicer? Thanks in advance. Sandie

First to creat the tumor model with SegmentEditor,then turn to the Model module,the information will show you the volume.

Thank you for your swift response. So how do I determine the tumour volume within the liver? I assume I segment that separately?