Measuring two specific points on the both STL models @lassoan

I need a help Regarding measuring two specific points on the both STL models : the aim of the work is to measure the accuracy between virtual planning and actual surgery output. i ahve tried some steps and i need you to confirm if thecorrect or not

I started with a model registration between the pre-operative planning and post-operative model (stl)

  1. following the registration of the two models I used pick’n Point I choose the reference point ( edge of tooth) in the post-operative model T2 (REFERENCE MODEL) I made a point on the reference model at the area of interest to measure the distance between the same points between the two models and BEFORE running I chose the propagate the non- corresponding mesh.
  2. then through Model to Model Distance : the source model is the post-operative Model and the target model is the pre-operative model and the calculation was done
  3. the fourth and last step was to get the measured value through Mesh Statistics I chose the absolute value and X AXIS, Y, AND Z AXIS